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27 Apr 2020

Encrypting and storing Kubernetes secrets in Git

Learn how to encrypt & store Kubernetes secrets in Git
27 Feb 2020

Extract data from a QR code in Elixir

Learn to extract data from a QR code in Elixir
02 Jan 2020

Overlap an image over a QR code using Mogrify

Learn to overlap an image over QR code using Mogrify in Elixir
03 Oct 2018

Switching an existing Phoenix app from Brunch to Webpack

Learn to switch an existing Phoenix app from Brunch to Webpack
14 Aug 2018

Ruby 2.6 KeyError#initialize accepts message, receiver, and key as arguments

Learn about KeyError#initialize method which accepts :message, :receiver and :key as options to set message, receiver and key on KeyError object.
06 Aug 2018

Ruby 2.5 adds KeyError#receiver and KeyError#key

Learn about KeyError#receiver which returns receiver associated with the KeyError object & KeyError#key returns the key which caused the exception
30 Jul 2018

Ruby 2.6 added options to Exception#full_message

Learn about options which Expection#full_message accepts
23 Jul 2018

Ruby 2.6 adds Matrix#antisymmetric?

Ruby 2.6.0-preview2 was recently [released][ruby_release]. A matrix according to [Wikipedia][matrix_wiki] is a rectangu...
26 Feb 2018

Kernel#system now accepts exception flag as an argument

Ruby 2.6.0-preview1 was recently [released][ruby_release]. Using Kernel#system we can execute terminal commands. It ex...
20 Feb 2018

Using Ruby 2.5's IO#close

Ruby 2.5 was recently [released][ruby_release]. IO class is the basis for all input and output. You can use the publ...